Admit Card Download

The internet has had an immense impact in the operations of companies and various government institutions. This is especially true when it comes to the process of running operations of government departments. Many procedures are now being executed online. This also applies to application for exams such as government job exams. It is a form of innovation whereby applicants can receive their admit card online to secure their application for an exam in any government department. This is quite convenient compared to the conventional procedures, which consumed a lot of time causing inconveniences to both applicants and government departments.

The applicants and hopefulls who intend to sit for various government exams as well as interviews can simply download the recruitment admit card from the internet and present them in the centers for the purpose of verification. The download of the card has been made possible over the recent years through the internet portal ojas1.guj.nic.in. It is one of the new trends and innovations in conducting exams, which form part of the target and objectives of Gujarat government. Various examinations are conducted which includes both written exams and interviews.

All government job applicants have to go through these exams in order to secure the job vacancies. Since these are government jobs, which are in high demand due to their benefits, there are usually many applicants putting in their papers and providing their application forms. After thorough scrutiny of their papers, the applicants are then required to be presented with the admit card in order to enable them to sit for the exams and get good results for the benefit of their future. The internet has made it easier for job candidates to receive admit cards since they can be directly printed online after appearing on the computer screen. In order to get them, the applicants need to adopt the following procedure:

  • You should first enter the form number in the entry box provided in the website then click the submit tab upon which you receive the admit card.
  • If you happen to forget the form number, there is also the option of name search, which has been provided. The name should be typed in the same format similar to applications forms and the candidates will be able to receive their admit cards.
  • The card is the then printed and taken to the exam center on the examination day. The admit cards also provide rules to be followed during examination.

  • Printing the admit card directly from the internet is more convenient compared to the conventional method of using postal communication to receive the cards. Students will be able to receive the cards anytime they want, but within the stipulated period. The process also lowers the expenditure for both the conducting authority and the students. Getting admit cards online has a number of merits making it a better option in conducting government job exams. The innovation is also being adopted by various exam conducting authorities in India.