Submit Resumes

India has become a shining jewel in the global marketplace for many international companies, particularly from the US. As India becomes a strong player in this marketplace, gaining access to qualified potential new employees, until recently hasn’t gone too much beyond brick and mortar recruitment offices. The concept of submitting a resume to an online portal was deemed awkward and inefficient until now.

The government or public sector is now falling in line with the private sector as developing a website portal that works for both job seekers as well as employers. Taking clues from the private sector as well as other national recruiting agencies, ojas.guj.nic.in is incorporating a self directed portal to assist the workforce, both citizens and NGOs to find suitable government employment in India. Still a mostly foreign concept to many Indian residents of gaining an interview or employment from submitted resume online, they rely on traditional methods to finding and filling positions. This is slowly changing, partially due to the increased availability of electricity or WIFI internet - ojas.guj.nic.in in or near their home and the tech savvy younger workforce opening the door to wider employment opportunities.

On government sites like the ojas.guj.nic.in, one side of the employment portal, an employer can list current available position for job seekers searching for work. Company or employer summary can give their prospective applicant a feel for what the company is about. On the other side of the portal, the applicants can securely submit resumes as well as basic profile information into an employment portal of general job seekers database that becomes available for viewing by potential employers. Specific contact information becomes available only when formal invitations are made and accepted by both parties.

This portal also provides access to other programs including professional development; exams and results; and higher education programs. Registering is easy as opening an email or any other online account, filling in basic profile and contact information. The site also includes a general template or method to upload portal to submit resumes and cover letters as well as interactive pages that allow for the taking of any required examinations for any or all positions they may be qualified for. Applicants can then review their scores and all listed employment offering, company profiles, and submit a formal request to apply or bid for the positions being available.

The employer’s portal allows for the submission of job announcements, specific interactive training modules they may require, training, and apprenticeship opportunities as well as reviewing the applicant database and applicant submitted resumes. Employers can then follow up further with the potential applicant within the contact module apps for the next step in the hiring process.

As more jobs are going global and the workforce landscape allows for other forms of working for employers including outsourcing, telecommuting, and virtualization to allow for more independent workers as well as fostering entrepreneurial innovations.

The global marketplace has now come to be very fertile field for potential job applicants will be looking to submit resumes to online government and private employment portals for their next employment opportunity.