Upload your CV

It can be assign of the times, but cover letters, also known as CV has become a necessary requirement for most job applicants today. It use to be a time when going into an interview or applying for a job, you only needed to have a resume. Now with many people operating under tight time schedules, capturing their attention and giving that first impressions in the first few sentences is what the main purpose of the CV is that first impression.

In short, a CV is a letter that introduces the applicant; state job description and interest brief; and applicant profile brief that should leading into the single sheet resume. Think of it as a little book, where each element needs to bring the reader one step closer to wanting to know more. You want them to turn the page to the resume.

As part of your application process when using online job announcements, the CV gives the potential employer an additional insight to the critical thinking side of the applicant. In some cases, applications and resumes won’t even be considered without one. This letter has to be short, concise, and to the point in a few short paragraphs.

The CV should reflect the information that is stated in the resume. The employer normally skims resumes for keywords and points that are used to determine the qualifications of the applicant for a given position. The CV brings those keywords or points upfront first, before the employer even looks at the resume, to help the applicant standout in the employer’s mind.

Government employment sites like the ojas1.guj.nic.in as well as many private recruitment sites have articles on how to compose and what should be included in a CV letter.

Introduction. Salutations to HR representative (treating them as a professional) or the persons last name. this is a professional letter so first names are never to be used.  Then the name of the applicant.

The position of interest and why. 4 to 5 sentences are good. This can include keywords from job description and why this is of interest.

Synopsis of best attributes and qualifications in 7 sentences or less. How your experiences, as keywords from your resume, relate to the keywords from the job description. This is supposed to wet the reviewer’s appetite to proceed to the applicant’s resume and the potential of moving to the next level.

Include any specific points, such as organizational affiliations, that the employer maybe looking for in terms of a few keywords before signing off.

Unlike resumes, CV should be customized or targeted to the specific position that is being applied for. Just like a resume, it should not be longer than a page in length. Once completed, it can be uploaded and saved along with the resume to the job announcement.

Providing a complete package for any job announcement should include a CV to give the potential employer the best picture of who you are and what you can do.